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Political, physical and tourist maps of Italy

Before traveling to a new destination it is advisable to observe a map of the area, both physical and political. In this way, we can locate it, see which are the bordering countries and where their main attractions are located. In this article, you will find different maps and plans of Italy, as well as some of its cities.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

Political map

Italy is a country divided into five large areas and, in turn, in twenty regions. Each of these regions has its own capital, which usually coincides with the most important city on the land.

In this table you have in Spanish each of these regions sorted in alphabetical order:

Friuli-Venezia GiuliaSadNortheast
Trentino-Alti AdigeTrentNortheast
Aosta ValleyAostaNorthwestern

In this political map you can find the name and location of each of these regions, as well as its capital:

However, if what you are looking for is a mute political map in which only the territorial division appears but not the name of each region, this image can serve you:

The Amalfi Coast It is a tourist area that stands out for the beauty of its beaches and its villages, which are declared World Heritage by UNESCO. It is located in the southwest of the country, in the region of Campania. On this map you can see the main roads of the territory:

Physical map

Italy has a total area of ​​301,340 km². The mountain range that stands out the most are the Alps, in the north of the country. Here is the highest point: the Mont Blanc, which has a height of 4,810 m.a.s.l. (meters above sea level).

Another relevant mountain system is the Apennines, located to the south. Next to him is Sicily, an island that is considered an extension of this chain.

Italy is mostly surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, it has 7,600 km of coastline. The shape of the southeast zone, which resembles a boot, is popular.

Tourist maps

This country is one of the most tourist in the world due in large part to the important heritage that we find in its cities and the millenary history behind them. These are the populations with the highest number of inhabitants.

CityNumber of inhabitants
1. Rome2,620,000
2. Milan1,240,000
3. Naples962,000
4. Turin872,000
5. Palermo658,000
6. Genoa586,000
7. Bologna370,000
8. Florence358,000
9. Bari316,000
10. Catania293,000

Although it is not among the most populous, Venice It is one of the most visited cities. In this image you can see a tourist map of it:

Likewise, the capital, Rome, has more than 7 million tourists a year. On this map you can see the structure of the city:

On the other hand, although currently they are not useful, tourists and those interested in history like the old maps of the countries. In this case, this map of Italy belongs to the 17th century:

As we can see, it is an inaccurate map, because the technology that exists today was not possessed. Obviously, this image was designed before the unification of the country, since it was produced in the 19th century.

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