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Poverty eradication

The United Nations General Assembly created the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty with the aim of raising awareness among the world population about the needs to eradicate homelessness and poverty In all countries. And preferably in developing countries.

To do this, at the Millennium Summit, the heads of government agreed that they would take the necessary measures to achieve the objective of reducing the poverty in half by 2015. And with that, to get millions of people out of poverty who survive on a dollar a day.

The main economic contribution to help Poor countries It comes from the European Union and its members individually. What makes Europe the main donor of help. This aid is mainly intended to pave roads and provide drinking water, with the aim of developing their trade.

The contribution of these countries is more than 30 billion euros to developing countries. Of this amount, about 6 billion euros are channeled through the community institutions. All with the objective that these countries take the reins of their own development.

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