Prince Pio Mall

An old train station (“The North Station”) It was restored and today it is a center that fuses commerce, cinemas and restaurants with an old architecture in good condition next to the trains and the metro.

Prince Pio Shopping Center

One of the points where every shopping lover must pass if they are in Madrid and you want to spend a pleasant time in a cafe or buy everything.

Interior Prince Pio Shopping Center

The center has three floors to make purchases. Stradivarius, Colonel Tapioca, Oisho, Natura or H&M They are some of the establishments that stand out the most.

Prince Pio Shopping Center exhibitions

This leisure, culture and commerce center has three parts: a Old Florida Walk Building, in neoclassical style and elegant arcades, the Great Iron and Glass Marquee and the Cabecera Building, which represents a more urban image of the station.

Prince Pio Shopping Center demonstrations

Thus they form a monumental set that stands out in the gardens of Campo del Moro.

Prince Pio Shopping Center serving the public

The Prince Pio Shopping Center is surrounded by Senate Palace, the Plaza de Oriente, the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Theatre.

The Imaginarium store inside the Prince Pio Mall.

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