Promenade – A Coruña

He Promenade of A Coruña, with its 10 kilometers of extension that continue to increase, is the longest in Europe. Since 1996, the gaze towards the ocean was recovered, crossing the entire perimeter of the city from the port until the Monte de San Pedro.

With a wide avenue, paths for the Historic Tram, sidewalks and a bike path that run through the most emblematic places of the city. Tens of lampposts of modernist style foundry, with enamels of characteristic themes tell us about the areas where they are located and serve as support for the city's tram catenary.

On its way, the Promenade guides us through the beautiful sculptural groups that enrich the city, the wide sandy beaches of the beaches of Riazor and Orzan, and for the most representative historical sites. Thus we find the Castle of San Antón, the Tower of Hercules, the Domus or the Aquarium Finisterrae.

Beaches, cliffs, fields and unique buildings like the typical glazed facadesThey happen by giving the city a meeting place and entertainment in the noble area of ​​the old city.

An excellent way to give a different look on the city of A Coruña. You choose the way to move.

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