Public transport in Spain

In Spain you will not have any inconvenience in using for your displacements the public transport. The services are very modern, comfortable and safe and, most importantly, is their punctuality. The most remarkable thing is that, normally terminal stations connect with all other media, as in the case of Nord and Sants in Barcelona or Atocha in Madrid.


The railway transport, both long, medium or short distance is excellent. The big cities have services called Cercanías that, normally, will allow you to cross the provinces from end to end.

Nord Station, Valencia

The services of bus They also cover the entire country. All thanks to a very well maintained road network. The only drawback can be found in the long weekend traffic jams (bridges) and holidays since the Spaniards leave their homes en masse and move to the tourist destinations on these dates. Urban bus services are good, although in small cities they are quite limited, but in them you can walk or cycle.

Nord Barclona Terminal

The network of Meter It grows steadily. Sometimes these are services combined with the TRAM. There are already seven Spanish cities that have it operational and several more that are working on it.

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