Queen nightclub

The Queen nightclub is found in Porriño, Pontevedra. It is the best there is in the area. The ticket price is 4 euros which includes consumption. On Fridays, the girls enter for free until two in the morning, have two free drinks and give them admission for Saturday. It happens that the disco knows that where the girls are there are boys who are behind, and they are the ones who end up consuming alcoholic beverages.

Queen nightclub groups

Is about a big place, with enough parking. They usually have parties most Saturdays of the year and the price of admission increases according to the DJ or DJS invited. But these events are announced before.

Queen dj disco

The main dance area has a huge circular track which is surrounded by a kind of grandstand with sofas. In the end is the DJ stage. The ground floor has four bars. The music heard is house, dance, commercial and remember. The top has a single large bar, where the salsa track is located.

Queen disco dancing

These two different environments are perfect to alternate with different types of music, especially if the group of friends does not have the same musical tastes.

One Friday at the Queen nightclub.

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