Rafting Adventure

The rafting It is an adventure sport that consists of crossing the rivers in the direction of the current, on a boat that can be a raft, canoe or kayak. The difficulty comes from the speed of the current, the turbulence of the water, the eddies and the presence of rocks.

Rafting Adventure kayaking

The difficulty levels They start from slow currents and small waves to very turbulent waters and dangerous waterfalls for experts. The same river has sections throughout its route for each level. The rivers are divided into classes from I to VI.

Rafting Group adventure

The use of the proper equipment (helmet, life jacket, wetsuit in some cases) and knowledge of paddling and rescue techniques, even so the adventurer has the guidance of an expert. The guide must have an extendable emergency end, in addition to a river knife. Rescue ropes, dry bags, air pump and first aid kit can also be included.

Rafting Adventure raft

The boat and the oars must be special for the descent of rivers or rafting. It is advisable to practice this sport in groups.
The adventurer must know what to do in case of ‘high side’ to avoid falling, also know how to help a partner who has fallen into the water.

Rafting on the Magdalena river.

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