Rafting Galicia

The rafting It is an extreme sport that takes place in the rivers, they are usually exciting because of the descents that are made. Groups are usually not older than 8, sometimes including the guide, sometimes not.

rafting in Galicia

The tours delay according to the length of the river between 2 to 3 hours. It is very important that all adventurers wear their necessary equipment such as the helmet and life jacket.

rafting in Galicia descent

Galicia It has beautiful areas of nature where you can practice this sport, as in the Deza River, which has 50 kilometers in length. But the majority of people who usually travel along this river usually have some experience, because the road is very agitated by the appearance of rocks that must be well known to divert.

rafting in Galicia extreme sport

Other rivers that are usually occupied by rafting enthusiasts are the Río Miño with 19 kilometers, Río Tambre and Río Ulla with 13 kilometers.

Rafting on the Ulla River at the height of Padron Galicia.

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