Rafting in Aragon

In Aragon the rivers where the sport of rafting are the Esera River, the Garonne river and the Ara river.

rafting in Aragon rivers

The latter has a large group of exciting descents, perhaps the most exciting of Spain, but at the same time they are dangerous. Although not for that reason the trip on the Ara river is restricted, since any person with good physical condition can travel it.

rafting in Aragon getting ready

The group of adventurers must enter by Torla to him Ordesa park, where an instructor will give the basic guides for this sport.

rafting in Aragon paddling

When the whole team is with the necessary implements, the journey begins, and from the beginning the river usually greets athletes in a very strong way.
It is here that the group should try to cope with the blows of the water.

rafting in Aragon starting the crossing

Following the tour of the Ara river it will go through the bridge of the GleraIt is worth admiring the surrounding landscapes.

rafting in Aragon on the river

But after passing the next Gaular bridge, also comes the most complicated part of the trip, where skill is the main thing.
After having 7 kilometer journey, the route ends in the town of Sprout.

Rafting on the Esera River, with more flow than usual.

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