Rafting in Asturias

The rafting it is the descent that is made in the rivers inside a boat, it is a extreme sport. And in Asturias There are usually several groups that are interested in spreading this sport, and helping those who want to know it to know how to practice it, with the implements and in the necessary way.

rafting in Asturias

Any group that emphasizes the rafting ensures total fun to all your adventurers. Forever it is important to put on the vest and helmet for safety. Hence, if they are a very large group, get together in a maximum of 10 people, including the instructor, so that there is no problem.

rafting in Asturias paddling

Mainly a maximum of 50 people are allowed to teach. Although it is not necessary that in each boat there are 10 people there can even be less, they should only try to control their nerves when rowing all together.

rafting in Asturias in action

To practice this sport you do not need to have experience, just be very eager and lose your fear of the rapidity of the rivers.

rafting in Asturias starting the trip

The rivers that usually descends are the Sella River, the Cares River,Zambezi River and the Canyons River.

The strength of the Zambezi River is shown here when a group of people practice rafting.

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