Rafting in Asturias

There are many reasons to encourage you to travel in Asturias, especially now that the circuits were opened again to enjoy an exciting adventure in inflatable rafts.

Rafting Asturias

It is important to note that most rafting services and routes usually include a number of safety components. These tours are guided by a specialist who will guide you at all times, in addition to granting you the basic implements: helmet, life jacket, neoprene, paddle and raft. The only requirement is to bring some basic supplies to enter personal showers; Everything else is paid by the house.

Rafting in Asturias

Generally, prices vary according to the navigation route, as well as the natural areas of Asturias. That is why we can find prices from 100 euros, with some privileges to descend rivers in inflatable boats and stroll through the best scenarios.

Rafting in Asturias

Each boat includes a specific number of people. Before leaving some safety and guidance rules are established. Of all the places to practice rafting, we recommend you go to the descents of the Sella, the most popular and crowded in Asturias by tourists from all over.

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