Rafting in Cantabria

The Ebro river It is the most traveled in the town of we are in Cantabria, although it is also practiced in other locations such as Torrelavega, Letters, Santillana del Mar Y Las Rozas de Valderroyo.

rafting in Cantabria Ebro river

In each boat the group of people is 8, and all of them wearing their necessary equipment as the helmet, the lifejacket, the rowing, safety materials and accompanied by a guide Sports connoisseur.

rafting in Cantabria

But requirement most important for rafting is to know how to swim, be over 8 years old and wanting to get completely wet, since he has no other risk.

rafting in Cantabria on the river

Until today in Cantabria They met in groups especially to practice this sport, but now other than that, there are also specialized people who provide the service of teaching others and sharing this adventure.

rafting in cantabria sportsmen in action

The levels waves lessons They are according to the difficulty. For example for people who practice rafting for the first time they will be in the easy level which is a slow current; a rookie although the current is somewhat slow the waves are already a little stronger; in the intermediate there is the appearance of small slopes; the expert It already has a control and can go through irregular currents and much faster; and the kamikaze It is the one that can pass the most dangerous rivers.

Rafting demonstration on a very strong level.

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