Rafting in Huesca

Huesca It is a province of Spain, which has several areas where rafting is practiced such as: Alquezar, Broto, Jaca, Beleder, Murillo De Gallego, Ainsa, Graus, Escalona and Villanova.

Rafting in Huesca

This sport that is ideal in whitewater and whose route usually varies according to the distance of the river to navigate. Rafting is very popular and the best are the descents on each of the routes.

Rafting in Huesca fast

Those who navigate are a group of maximum 10 people, including the guide or also called monitor, who leads the group. Everyone is inside an inflatable boat, but they must also go with a helmet and life jacket.

Rafting in Huesca starting the tour

The Ara river It is one of the most visited in spring season, usually congregate many athletes who want to live a great adventure in the rapids.

Rafting in Huesca in group

In the zone of MurilloThere are even 3 different areas that help a lot to the learning and practice of rafting enthusiasts, from beginners to the most advanced.

Rafting in Huesca in action

Rafting on the Gallego river in Huesca.

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