Rafting in Valencia

In Valencia rafting it is practiced in several places like Picassent, Valencia, Villagordo Del Cabriel, Sale of the Moor Y Llíria.

rafting in Valencia

In each of these areas the distance of the routes are diverse, but the emotion and the rest is similar. Your time is around 3 hours, where you will travel from 6 kilometers to 20 kilometers, according to the case.

rafting in Valencia calm river

Never forget that each person must be dressed properly, very apart from the implements that are given to them, such as sneakers who are willing to wet a dry shoes, swimwear Y towel.

rafting in Valencia facing the river

The rivers usually have soft and fast areas, but in each of them you should try to maintain stability with the whole group. That is why there will be no more than 8 people on the boat, including the professional guide.

rafting in adrenaline Valencia

Among the rivers and rapids that are sailed are: Cabriel river, The chaos, Purgatory, Y el Paredón.
They are the best options to spend a moment full of emotions with your group of friends or family.

Some inconveniences practicing Rafting in Valencia.

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