Regent’s Park – London

Near the Baker Street Station from the subway we will find the Regent’s Park. Designed by architect John Nash, it has almost 166 hectares of malls, fountains, numerous ponds and rose beds. But most of the park is dedicated to sports, cricket and soccer among others. To the north of it we will find the Zoo.

Plan of the Regent's Park

It has very different areas, but we can highlight, halfway to Broad Walk, the Inner Circle. This is the prettiest area. There are the Queen Mary’s Gardens, with the rose gardenss. Reference site for the rose breeders of the world. Distributed in the flower beds and the emparrados there are 400 certified varieties of roses and around 30,000 plants. The presence of Mediterranean-style gardens, alpine and subtropical gardens has also been taken care of.

Regent's Park Fountain

The Inner Circle houses the Open Air Theater, where every summer is represented in an almost ritual way “The dream of a summer night” by Shakespeare.

Regent's Park Canal

Avenue Gardens, in the southeast sector, it is sown throughout the year so that it is continuously in bloom. With numerous fountains and statues this area has special charm when its cherry blossoms bloom.

A walk that we can not miss on our visit to London.

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