Culture and traditions

Religious traditions

The planet celebrates numerous ceremonies religions that today because of their presence in society can be considered as great religious traditions especially during the time of Christmas.

Among the largest in the world are:

The Feast of the Lord of Miracles: Known as the purple month in Peru, the month of celebrations (October) in which the effigy of the Lord of Miracles comes out in procession is known worldwide for its numerous parishioners.

The feast of the Virgin of Carmen de la Tirana: This ceremony in Chile takes place in La Tirana, the main sanctuary in the north of the country. The party is held between July 12 and 18 and is located in this town in the Atacama desert.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: This Mexican virgin at heart is honored with a party on December 12. Its temple is located on the hill of Tepeyac. In the city, daily pilgrimages are held in his honor. This party is very visited.

Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Valle: It happens on May 1st in Toledo, Spain. It is part of Corpus Cristi, and is famous because in its procession a Custody of s. XVI.

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