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Requirements to rent a boat

Discovering the oceans, the beautiful beaches, and the impressive coves of the European coasts is an adventure that the traveler will never forget, and the best thing for them is to travel in a special and unique way living the holidays with family or friends in a boat !

    Ocean party

To enjoy your holidays by boat, boat or yacht there are a variety of companies in the tourist destinations where you go for example if you go to the favorite tourist destination of the island of Ibiza, you will find some of the best and finest companies in the nautical “Promenade

    Clear Dark on Yacht

But before embarking on this adventure versiontravel advises you with a small requirements guide to rent a boat:

– To start you must know clearly the destination, the route and the points of interest to inform the company that you will rent the boat.

– It would be easy and quite exciting for all those tourists and travelers who wanted the adventure of their lives to rent a boat to free rein by the sea! Sure, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. Since who drives the boat should have marine license… as stipulated in the transport law in any means of transportation, the traveler must have a nautical qualification depending on the size of the boat, so for smaller boats (which will be ideal for the weekend) the title is called “PER” which is understood as the Patron of Recreational Boats.

– In case you do not have it then the companies will present the service of a “Driver“Specialized and with the title of” Yacht Pattern “for larger boats.

    Ocean fun

No more, versiontravel wishes you a happy trip and enjoy long hours of sun lying on the bow! In addition we remind you that depending on the Length of the Boat, no qualification will be necessary other than the full consent of the nautical norms and to enjoy!

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