Restaurants – Berlin

In Berlin You can find food from all over the world at varied prices. The traditional thing is to enjoy German food inns. The fast food in Germany are the sausages called Bratwurst. You can also take a Döner Kebap, of Turkish influence.


The restaurants in this city are the most awarded in Germany, so a delicious experience is guaranteed.

The country’s specialties are Frankfurt sausages, white sausage, meatballs and Kiel herring.

Some restaurants you can visit are:

Zur Kneipe, restaurant of Berlin food in Rankerstraße 9 (Charlottenburg).

Zur Kneipe-Berlin

Zur Letzten Instanz, the oldest restaurant in Berlin, highlights its Berlin food, on Waisenstraße 14-16 (Mitte)

Restaurant am Karlsbad, serves German food at low prices, in Am Karlsbad 11 (Schöneberg)

BesenwirtschaftOnion empanadas are his specialty, in Uhlandstrasse 159.

Baghdad, It is a restaurant with Turkish specialties, in Schlesische Strasse 2.

GerichtslaubeIt is an original restaurant of the Berlin of yesteryear, they serve food at all times. It is located in the San Nicolás neighborhood, near the Alexander Platz. The food has very low prices from 3.5 euros to 15 euros depending on the dishes.

Gerichtslaube-Berlin restaurant

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