Restaurants – Brussels

A list of the best restaurants in Brussels:

Maneken Pis Waffle Shop

Waffles also known as waffels are a dessert you should try when traveling to Brussels. Next Maneken Pis You will find several positions where you will find a varied offer of waffles at very good prices. You can ask to add delicious mixes such as dark and white chocolate, syrups and fruits to your waffles.


El León Restaurant

This restaurant is the best place to eat the typical Belgian dish, mussels and chips. The restaurant offers various dishes based on mussels, with cheese, butter, onion and carrots.
The address is: Rue de Bouchers 18. The telephone: +32 2 511 1415.

Chez León Restaurant

Le Cirio Taverne

It is a tavern with a cozy and quiet atmosphere. They offer tasty meals at a reasonable price. It is located between the Grand Place and the La Bourse building.

Amadeo Restaurant

In the Amadeo Restaurant it offers ribs “a volonté”, that is to say for 15 euros you can eat all the ribs, potatoes and sauce you want. You can accompany the ribs with a wine or beer.

The restaurant has a curious decoration, with African sculptures and walls with shelves full of books of different languages ​​that you can read at your table. The restaurant has been built in the old house of the French sculptor Rodin.

The address is: 13 Rue Veydt. Front of La Bourse located next to the Grand Place. They close at 23:00.

Amadeo Restaurant

Other restaurants are:
Auberge des Chapeliers

They serve traditional Belgian food. The address is: 1/2 Rue des Chapeliers


Italian food restaurant. The address is: 34 Rue Duquesnoy

Porte du Bengale

Indian food restaurant. It is located in La Chasse.

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