Revival nightclub

The Revival disco it’s located in Los Montesinos, in the Vega Baja Alicantina. It is about 6 kilometers from Torrevieja and is connected to the provinces of Alicante and Murcia. This year 2009 has celebrated 14 years of success.

Revival nightclub

The music that usually happens is techno. It stands out for its varied DJ’s, which mark a special style each. Is he Dj Peke, Gaslón, Churu, Kuki, Justo and Carlos Agraz.

Revival disco celebrating

The place is very good decorated and furnished. Gargoyles can be found. In addition, in its spacious facilities you can enjoy 100% of the sound. The lasers he uses are said to be unique and not available to any other disco.

Revival disco dancing

his parking area It is large and provides security. In the center of this car park there is a food stand, a kind of Burguer, with drinks and hamburgers. The disco does not open on Friday, only from Saturday at 12m and closes on Monday morning. It is a running schedule, it does not close a single minute.

Many people who go on Sundays usually go through the disco first Central Rock or by KKO and end the night in Revival.

A good theme playing at the Revival nightclub.

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