Rialto Market – Venice

For over a thousand years the Rialto Market caters to Venice. The Rialto bridge, built in 1250, owes its name. It is located in the sestiere of San Polo, neighborhood in which the oldest and most important buildings of the Venetian-Byzantine style are located.

In ancient times it was a kind of shopping center, the commercial heart of the city, where you could buy everything from fruits and vegetables to luxury products. Currently, two zones can be distinguished: Erberia and Pescheria.

In the Erberia, west of the Rialto Bridge, fruits and vegetables are sold in a colorful show. The Pescheria, under the porch of a neo-Gothic construction that reaches the Great channel, It is the fish market where, from dawn, the boats arrive with the fresh fish from the sea.

All this bustling environment is surrounded by a commercial area with the most traditional shops where we can buy cheeses, pastas, oils and other typical products or simply enjoy a tapa and a regional wine (ombre with cichetti) in any food establishment.

The whole show is for early risers. Although the market is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 12 noon, the boats arrive from very early and the trajinar of the merchants is worth seeing.

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