Rioja wines

Rioja has the Qualified Designation of Origin, which is responsible for verifying the quality of the wine, regardless of the quantity produced. For this the wineries of Rioja must comply with the proper elaboration of the wine, until the moment of its bottling.

Rioja Cork wines

Rioja wines are 4 and are usually chosen for their pleasant taste.

Red wines of Rioja. They are the highest production in Rioja, and are usually made with several types of grapes, such as: tempranillo, garnacha, mazuelo and graciano. This mixture, including the skin of the grapes, helps a lot to form its dark color.Rioja wines

White Wines of Rioja. Viura, is the white grape, used to make white wine; Sometimes it is accompanied with malvasía or white grenache. When the skin is not used, it does not take color, thus helping to take a better aroma.

Rioja wine

Claretes wines of Rioja. They are salmon, ideal for summer, when accompanying snacks. The grapes used to make them are red and white.

Rioja Clarete wine

Rosé wines of Rioja. They are the mixture of red and white grapes, both without skin. In this way the bright pink color that characterizes these wines is formed.

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