River Plate Monumental Stadium – Buenos Aires

The Monumental Stadium belongs to the River Plate Athletic Club, known because his football team it is The most successful and one of the most popular in Argentina. It is located on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 7597, in the Belgrano neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires. It has capacity for 76,609 spectators and was inaugurated in 1938.

The real name of the stadium is Antonio Vespucio Liberti, but it is known worldwide as «The Monumental». Its modern facilities have facilities for the practice of more than 60 sports of all kinds and there is also a Educational Institute which trains students from 3 years and includes a university-type institute. It stands out for being the first club in the world to own a football team for the blind.

River or River Plate, as it is called, was born in 1901. Since then its color is white, crossed by a diagonal red band. Famous are the classics that face it with the Boca Juniors Club, and divide the country in two.

The River Museum It is located in the Monumental, in facilities with modern resources of advanced technology that walk through the history of the club. With different tariffs We can, daily, access the Museum ($ 35 or US $ 9 or € 7) or combine it with a walk through the Stadium ($ 45 or US $ 12 or € 8.50), between 11 and 17 hours. Tickets for minors and for residents in the country have discounts.

The stadium is Official venue of the matches of the National Soccer Team of Argentina and stage of other sporting events and numerous music concerts. To visit the Monumental is to know the bowels of one of the country’s popular passions.

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