Rock climbing

Indoor climbing is an option for those who wish to practice this type of sport without having to travel to natural spaces or have to do some type of hiking.

Climbing wall

The climbing wall or indoor climbing ladder is ideal for keeping fit and releasing stress in a safer and more controlled way since in this type of climbing artificial dams are used that will give us a more controlled adherence to the surface than what happens in open spaces (at least we will not fall into an abyss while climbing).

Rock climbing

This type of sport, whether in open or indoor spaces, is ideal because it helps us maintain control of our strength and mind, and with climbing climbing we will not be thinking about the dangers of climbing.

Climb in Rocodromo

To practice climbing the climbing wall we will need climbing harness, insurance devices, special footwear and helmet, although we can regularly rent them at the climbing centers, it is ideal that we buy them if we plan to have this activity as a constant sport.

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