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Roman Wall – Lugo

The Roman wall of Lugo It was part of the defensive system of the Roman city of Lucus Augusti before the barbaric threat. It currently contains the old town from the city.
It is the only wall that retains its complete perimeter, so it was declared Heritage of humanity by unesco.

This wall that encloses 34.5 hectares with a perimeter of 2,200 meters, has a thickness of 4 to 7 meters and a height of 8 to 12 meters. It is rectangular in shape and, strangely, left some residential areas outside the protection zone. It was built with granite ashlars and slate tile wall canvases, with earth mortar, loose stone and pebbles inside the parameters.

Through 10 doors the enclosure was accessed, and of these 5 were added from the 19th century. The oldest is the Puerta del Carmen or Puerta Miña It maintains its original appearance. The other Roman doors are: the from Santiago or Porta do Postigo, the New Gate, the Left Bishop’s Gate, open on an older one and the False door, used for supply.

They remain standing 46 towers complete and 39 semi-destroyed, most semicircular plant. Parallel to the layout of the walls, 5 meters away, ran the pit 4 meters deep and 20 meters wide. The round pass, which we can climb up 5 stairs and a ramp of modern construction, is fully passable and for public use.

To better understand its history we must go to Interpretation Center of the Wall, in the historic center.

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