Rosalia de Castro Park – Lugo

The Rosalia de Castro Park It is located outside the city ​​wall, not far from the center, between Doors of Santiago and Bishop Aguirre. It was created in 1925 with the name of Alfonso XII and later it was changed to Rosalía de Castro to pay tribute to the great Galician poet.

It occupies an extension of 23 hectares where we can differentiate three different zones. The most beautiful is the central area, with its large fountain surrounded by a rose garden. Here we will find areas with shade trees and attractive species such as fir trees.

There is an ornithological center and a space with unique species. Very striking is the pond with water birds. There are also several closed birdhouses with a typical dovecote that keeps a model of the Spanish physical geography.

Various monuments and fountains they adorn the park along their walks that also house a playground for children.
In the west we can find a viewpoint over the river Miño and a pergola. This is one of the best places to contemplate the city and one of its main attractions.

This is the meeting place of the Lucenses, especially in summer and at parties, when there are concerts and varied cultural events in the gardens. The park continues towards the mountain through the walk Villa de Foz.

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