Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid

The Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid is located in the Paseo del Prado. It gathers, in its eight hectares, more than 5,000 species of living plants. Sunny in winter and gloomy in summer is a refuge and place of relaxation at any time of the year.

Main Gate of the Botanical Garden of Madrid

It was designed 250 years ago and installed in its final location, the Paseo del Prado, by order of Carlos III, in 1781.
Among the highlights to see is:

  • The collection of 109 bonsai donated by him former President of the Government, Felipe González, with copies of almost all the trees of the Spanish native flora.

Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid

  • The Paseo de los Olivos, a collection of olive trees from the mid-nineteenth century.
  • The Terrace of the Flower Plane, of Elizabethan romantic airs, mainly trees and shrubs, where the Villanueva Pavilion.
  • The greenhouses of Graells, in iron and glass, which host tropical and aquatic plants.
  • The Display greenhouse, with its three compartments that differentiate the conditions of desert, temperate and tropical climate.
  • A cypress dating from the time of the foundation and one carnivorous plants collection.

A reference site for the study and a pleasant way to get to know the Spanish flora, right in the center of Madrid, helped by the panels distributed with information along the way.

Villanuevadel Botanical Pavilion in Madrid

Its schedule is daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and in summer until 9 p.m. Close at Christmas and New Year. The ticket price is € 2. It offers an excellent service of Guided visits, prior reservation.

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