Rural House in Madrid

In versiontravel we offer you a tour of the most popular rural houses that we can find in Madrid to enjoy some deserved vacation.

Casa Rural Madrid

The Corner of the Sierra: ideal for 2 to 11 people. It is one of the most popular rural houses in the capital to spend a cozy weekend. Costs range from € 35.00 per night per person. You can go to this establishment during any time of the year.

Hiruela (the): Here is another interesting proposal to have maximum fun with friends from work or university. The best hostel in Madrid falls on this beautiful country house that has all the necessary services. Depending on the length of stay, prices may drop considerably. Appropriate for 2 to 18 people, with a bonus of € 28.06 per night for each person.

Rural House

Choker of the Lozoya: From time to time, this cozy establishment makes special offers during each weekend, especially when there are only two or three seats left. So we recommend you to pay attention to the website of the place. It is a rural house with all the necessary services, maximum capacity of 12 people and a price of 40 euros per person every night. Ideal for students and young backpackers looking for some adventure and night fun.

Colmenar del Arroyo: One of the best points for holiday accommodation. Spend a nice weekend accompanied by the whole family in this beautiful country house that includes a spacious garden and a swimming pool. But best of all are the prices, from 25 euros per person.

Rural House in Madrid

Braojos: and finally we have this rural house with clear and privileged views of the city. Enjoy all the starry sky from the comfort of a beautiful establishment with all the services and amenities you can expect for a dream weekend. Maximum capacity of 6 people with a price of € 38.57 per person.

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