Rural houses in Ávila

Ávila is in the Spanish Community of Castilla y León and it is characterized by its natural spaces, within them that inhabit species such as the imperial eagle. If we enjoy contact with the natural, we can stay in the following Rural houses.

Country houses Ávila

Saint Mary of the Knights: Although it is a rural house that still remains under construction, what most attracts the attention of this complex is its architecture, with an artistic and traditionalist finish that transforms into a luxury palace for travelers. That is why public demand is very high. It currently has 3 bedrooms and capacity for 6 people. Prices from € 135.

Burgohondo: This is a rural house that has all the spontaneous beauty of the countryside, with panoramic views, located near Avila, 1 km from the center of Burgohondo, and with a large number of rooms (8 in total) to rest like a king. There will be a lack of basic services, maximum capacity of 10 people. Prices between € 175 – € 200 for two nights.

Rural houses of Ávila

Piedrahita: Now it is the turn to talk about this beautiful house, which has 3 spacious rooms (a special one for newlyweds), kitchen, small room, bathroom, and a small balcony. Maximum capacity for 6 people and central location. Prices from € 130 for two nights (sometimes there are special offers for seasons).

San Bartolome de Corneja: here another rural house that enjoys a natural habitat and is located 5km from Piedrahita. The atmosphere has been reconditioned to enjoy all the comforts, including heating system, internet, electronic devices and much more. The two bedrooms available are very large, and the maximum capacity is five people. Prices between € 120 – € 135 for two nights.

Rural houses in Ávila

Navaluenga, Ávila: This is one of the houses that I recommend the most. The place has been rebuilt to have all the necessary environments for accommodation. Additionally we can contemplate the most beautiful landscapes of Ávila. Maximum capacity 4 people, with prices starting at € 125 on the weekend.

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