Rural houses in Málaga

Malaga It has everything you need to enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable stay. And if of Rural houses It comes, so do not miss the opportunity to go to any of the following places that we have collected for you.

malaga house

Laguna de Espejo Farmhouse: With a maximum capacity of 10 people, all the necessary amenities and services to enjoy a pleasant stay. Available at any time of the year at a cost of € 17.50 pers / night.

Round: This is another of the most popular environments in Malaga for sightseeing and resting in a cozy establishment, which in addition to the different services it offers, also offers you a series of nearby attractions that you can visit at any time. No matter what the reason for your visit, staying in this country house is a great pleasure that you can not miss for anything in the world.

Malaga country houses

Winery Martínez: This is a rural house that is for rent for temporary dates: one day, three days, one week, or one month. Of course, it will depend a lot on your stay to set a reasonable price. The atmosphere is very cozy and inspiring to escape for a moment of the bustle of the city. Maximum capacity of 12 people, with prices from € 22.00 pers / night-.

Malaga: We continue our tour through this precise place that will be on offer in the last months of the year. Prices are lowered up to 19 euros per person, enjoying a pleasant and comfortable stay, with all the services and amenities to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Malaga country houses

Los Arrayanes Country Houses: Here is another rental house that is worth visiting. This rural house is a true relic that remains in perfect condition. Its maximum capacity is 10 people and prices vary from 35 euros per person.

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