Rural houses near Madrid

If we will travel around Madrid and we are looking to make outdoor activities or get in touch with nature, we can choose to stay in a rural house.

Rural houses of Madrid

La Graja Chinchón: With a capacity for 21 people, this is a lovely place to enjoy a pleasant stay. Located 45 kilometers from Madrid, with an old building dating back more than 200 years, but completely restored and adapted to house young students, tourists and travelers who want to share the same roof. In total there are 8 rooms, fridge, heating, bathroom, TV, air conditioning, WiFi, and much more. Prices from € 50 / night.

Hotel Albus Albi: Unlike most hotels, this complex is characterized by its rustic and natural style. We are talking about three rural apartments included in the first floor, with 8 rooms on the other floors, and all the services of attention. And to put the cherry on the cake, you can not miss some luxurious environments such as a pool, a barbecue, a kitchenette, and a beautiful terrace with panoramic views. Located 50 kilometers from Madrid. Prices from € 300 per night.

Holiday cottages near Madrid

Finca El Olivo de Fresnedilla: located in Fresnedillas de la Oliva – Madrid, 60 kilometers from the city of Madrid. This rural house is simpler and modest, but very overwhelming. Its structure is based on stone, windows and wooden ceilings. The distribution of two floors are independent and have the basic services. Prices from € 150 per person.

Rural houses near Madrid

La Badila: Now it is the turn to talk about this beautiful rural house, located in the heart of Garganta de los Montes, 70 kilometers from Madrid. Maximum capacity for 35 people, a beautiful stone house with 3 apartments, 6 adjoining houses, and 5 double rooms awaits us. Up to here come couples of newlyweds and entire families to enjoy a pleasant stay. Prices on offer from € 390 for 6 people.

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