Rural houses with pool

If we look for one rural house where to spend a weekend or stay during our trip, but, that has leisure spaces such as a swimming pool, we can choose one of the following recommended accommodations.

Rural houses that have a pool

Tiétar Paradise: We start with this rural palace that has a capacity for 12 people. It is one of the most popular and prestigious establishments in Madrid, with all the basic services and a huge patio with a swimming pool to relax. Best of all are the prices per person / night, starting at € 51.66.

La Bárcena Rural Apartments and SPA: It is a huge network of complexes for accommodation, with a capacity of 2 to 24 people. This is an excellent opportunity to meet people and share a few days of friendship in a wonderful place, which in addition to its modern pool, also has a high-level spa. Prices from € 60.38 per person / night.

Rural houses with swimming pools

The Fresno Spring: Now it's time to take a look at this place, which has spacious rooms full of many amenities. Additionally there is a waiting room, a pool table and a pool with panoramic views to the delight of all attendees. Maximum capacity of 20 people, designed for tourists and young students. Prices from € 22.45 per night.

Rural Houses France-Quilamas: They have a capacity of 15 people with various facilities to enjoy beautiful panoramic views. Located near Santibañez de La Sierra, prices tend to fall in the fall season up to € 29.00 per night. The pool is the most attractive attraction, with an enormous length that makes possible the occasional festive night improvisation. The fun is guaranteed.

Rural houses with pool

Villa Turrilla: And finally we have this beautiful accommodation for a total of 60 people, very economical and ideal for travelers everywhere. You do not have to deprive yourself of the most exquisite tastes for the simple fact of having a low budget. Prices from € 18.72 per person / night.

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