Rural spa

Imagine Enjoy a wonderful and relaxing massage in a natural and cozy landscape. That’s what the rural spa. In Spain There are many of these places in each community and they are increasingly visited, not only by people with a lot of workload, but by all those who seek to establish a balance between their body and their mind and conceal a little.

Rural spa

To perform any of the treatments offered by these spas, you don’t necessarily have to be lodged. There are rituals that are applied day and night and you can go whenever you like. Many of the spas offer treatments that use exotic flowers, essential oils and precious stones. Others use some natural products and water combined with massages.

Rural spa enjoying

There is special treatments for women, based on revitalizing the feminine spirit, such as the Orchid Ritual, which uses algae, salts and exotic essences. It is aimed at beauty.

Rural Spa Rest

There’s others rituals thought of men, which also use oils and stones. Any of these treatments moisturize and oxygenate the skin. It is also about relaxing the mind and discovering new sensations.

A rural spa in the Casa Ruiz Rural Houses.

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