Rural Tourism in Catalonia

Catalonia It is a land conducive to rural tourism, due to its large geographical areas: its Mediterranean coast, mountain ranges and the Pyrenees.

Rural tourism Catalonia the city

The offer of accommodation It goes from houses, apartments, cabins, hostels, rural houses to hotels and pensions. Rural tourism or agrotourism is one of the most demanded sectors in the holidays. Cabins, campsites and rural houses are preferred.

Rural tourism Catalonia houses

These lodging they can be taken by days, weekend or by weeks. Most include all services. The rate depends on the number of people and dates. Between 18 and 30 euros per person and day if it is a rural house.

Rural tourism Catalonia

In Catalonia you can't miss visiting the Costa Brava, the Girona citywith his Jewish Quarter, Figueres – the painter's hometown Salvador Dali The Gold Coast, Tarragona. And you can not stop trying their sausages and their variety of wines.

Rural tourism Catalonia taking photos

In summer it is common to listen to popular sings outdoors, accompanied by the tasting of burnt rum.

A sample of the beautiful landscape of Costa Brava.

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