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Rural Tourism in Granada

Ahhh Pomegranate… One of our favorite cities in Spain, graced by the beauty of Andaluza, built on the passage of great Moorish empires that built the pride that today makes it one of the most popular in the tourism industry.

Rural Tourism in Granada

Granada name that comes from the Latin word “Granatum“Which in Spanish means” Granados “, is an impressive city that has gained fame and popularity throughout the world for its incredible architectural works, with titles such as” La Alambra “,” El Albaicín “,” Sacromonte “and of course , thanks to its natural beauty, where the best exponent of it are the exotic “Generalife Gardens”, Granada has this and much more to offer to the visitors of this Andalusian community.

Ecotourism in Granada

There are more than 101 proposals to enjoy Ecotourism or Rural Tourism in Granada, however we will focus on some of the most popular and visited, such as the exquisite waters of the “Alhama of Granada”, Which in ancient times were the suspicion of great Romans and Arabs, ideal to rest after a long walk between its forests and streams.

The peace that is breathed in its small towns, will lead you to five incredible natural parks in Granada, tourist destinations that have not remained strange to the development and rise of this green culture, so they have been successfully organized to offer infrastructure, services and Beautiful rural accommodations, ranging from the simplest to the most luxurious in the area of ​​the caves in its northern area.

Here you can find excellent offers of rural houses in Granada:

or if you are looking for an experience that is closer to the rural and exotic, Viajesjet recommends staying in the famous “Cave Houses” of Granada: cave-accommodations.php? id_seccion = 108 & id_typeaccommodation = 8 & Submit = SEARCH

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