Rural tourism in Madrid

Madrid Not only is it a city with large shopping centers, it is also a community with beautiful places to get out of the stress of urban life. Do rural tourism in Madrid It can be a very relaxing and enriching activity.

Rural tourism in Madrid

The Sierra Norte of Madrid It is one of the best places to rest and participate in rich traditions inside. It enjoys a great cultural heritage and a beautiful natural wealth. They integrate this region 42 municipalities. It stands out for its variety of plant and animal species, such as Peñalara Natural Park and the Hayedo de Montejo. Its cultural heritage preserves churches and hermitages in each town, such as the Monastery of El Paular.

Rural tourism in Madrid town

This region is already a reference of rural tourism in the community. In addition, the visitor can enjoy its excellent gastronomy, especially in the northern highlands, which has more than 80% of rural tourist establishments around Madrid. A beautiful experience is the lodging houses built with stone and wood, as well as the restored haystacks. A trip that is worth it.

Rural tourism in Madrid countryside

Peñaparda Inn in the Sierra Norte of Madrid.

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