Rural tourism in Portugal

The northern and central regions of Portugal they are ideal for him rural tourism. Even in the far north, a traditional lifestyle is still being lived in some of the small communities that inhabit the mountainous regions.

Rural tourism in Portugal

He tourism It is not the main source of economy of these cities, so they are smaller. However, visitors are usually very well received and attended. Most of the accommodations are given private houses, since the arrival of tourists is sporadic.

Rural tourism in Portugal working

Unique historical buildings stand out in these areas. The visitor can not fail to see the architecture of the Guimaraes, Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Brangaca villages, It is difficult to find similar in the rest of the world.

Rural tourism in Portugal houses

This part of Portugal It is also ideal for various outdoor activities and sports. Its mountains are conducive to the trekking and its rivers invite to be traveled in canoe. You can practice the Mountain biking. Likewise, Portugal It has sea, where you can to surf. The northwest of Portugal is Minho, a beautiful center of rural tourism.

Rural hotel in Barroselas, Portugal.

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