Rural tourism in Valencia

In Valencia There are many places to escape the hectic routine of the city and venture into rural areas. Its nature offers a delight in sight with its waterfalls, snow wells, etc.

Rural tourism in Valencia

The visitor can walk through the beautiful Anna Lagoon, also known as L’albufera. There is also the D’albaida Valley, with a spectacular crown of huge rocks. Here you can visit the towns of Salem, Castelló, Y Rugat. You can also visit the monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba.

Rural tourism in Valencia landscape

Another important destination is the mount Caroig, the highest in the province with more than a thousand meters high. Around them are the ravines of the Cazuma rivers and Friar, with crystal clear waters.
One of the best landscape viewpoints in this province is the Monduber massif, located in the region of La Safor.

Rural tourism in Valencia green areas

One of the most picturesque villages worth visiting is Montesa, located in the region of The Coastal, which boasts a castle on the rocks. The building was once a kind of headquarters of the military order of Montesa. Here you can have a nice view of the rooftops of the small population.

Rural tourism in Valencia agriculture

La Sitja Rural House in Valencia.

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