Rural tourism with children

One of the best options to spend a pleasant family weekend is the rural tourism. This activity is important for children because they can have direct contact with nature, an environment that is usually not very daily for them.

Rural tourism with children

They will have fun being able to bathe in the river, discover the animals in their natural habitat, play in the open field safely and breathe fresh air. In addition, they can spend days feeding with homemade food, which breaks with the daily routine.

Rural tourism with children a lot of space

There is accommodation special for families in all the provinces of Spain. There are even houses designed especially for children. These have large interior spaces, but above all they stand out for their large gardens. They also have games, walks in the surroundings, fruit trees, ponds. Some have farm animals, as well as rabbits and birds. This way children can have fun and you will relax.

Rural tourism with children with animals

There are some Tour packages that are special for children. Even some offers provide free services for children up to 12 years and perform special activities for them, such as walks.

Rural tourism with children admiring

Rural houses in Carzola, ideal for families with children, and also for companies.

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