Safaris for Africa

Travel through the african slopes It’s like being in a movie landscape. Green areas and the sky more blue than what we have ever seen in Europe or America.

african elephant safari

This is the beauty of the African jungle. To travel there is certainly no better way than as part of a African Safari tour.

In general, African safaris, which are nothing more than exploration trips and recognition of the African tundra (Fauna and flora), are carried out far from the drought season so that the animals are calmer and are less a source of danger of attack.

Although these safaris are basically done in Kenya, the areas of Tanzania and the Serengeti have lately been also explored by companies that are dedicated to the organization of these trips.

To travel in Safari it is important to hire the professional services of companies that have contacts in place. There are no better guides than the locals and no better protectors in case of danger.

african safari

The safari routes they have different durations depending on the route that usually takes the tourist to see the highest peaks of Kenya, the native forests of the African strip, the Shipton caves, the Lenana peak, the lake of Mintos / Hally clear near the giant of Africa: the Mount Kilimanjaro.

The trip in Safari not only usually includes the visit to the African tundra but also depending on the package you choose, you can take us to dive at the foot of the Indian Ocean, on the coast of Kenya.

Other activities that are related to the route that usually lasts between 6 and 8 days, are cycling, trekking, and mountaineering.

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