Salera shopping center

La Salera It is the first shopping center in the town of Castellón. It was inaugurated on November 15, 2006. Its purely commercial area covers more than 70 thousand square meters of extension that house around 160 commercial stores. But its total area is 189 thousand square meters.

Salera shopping center

The Salera It combines leisure with commerce. Highlights the great hypermarket To field. In addition, it offers different stores for clothing, sports, jewelry, dry cleaners, appliances, etc. Its offer, which occupies three floors, also includes several movie theaters and 3400 free parking spaces.

Salera Mall Shoes

Downstairs It occupies the entire plot. The central is the commercial area and the last plant It is intended for the areas of restoration, cinema and leisure.

Salera shopping mall

Access to the complex is not very complicated and is done by the national road towards Villareal and by the South round.
In its opening about three million visits were recorded.

Having fun at the Salera shopping center.

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