Santillana del Mar Zoo

It is located in the town Cantabrian of Santillana del Mar. With more than 60 thousand square meters of extension, this zoo houses various types of fauna and also offers visitors a tropical garden and a Quaternary Park.

Zoo Santillana del Mar Tigers

Among the mammals, the orangutans of Sumatra, as well as Asian lions and snow panthers, African leopards and boreal lynx.
Around 200 species of birds live in the zoo and come from different parts of the world, from flamingos until toucans.

Zoo Santillana del Mar reptiles

It has an aquarium where various kinds of fish live and a terrarium, shelter for snakes and lizards.
In the tropical garden, the area of ​​arachnids, scorpions and stick insects stands out.

Flamingos Santillana del Mar Zoo

We can also appreciate the more exotic butterflies, or even see his birth. Sixty species of vegetables emerge in this area, which enjoys heating and artificial rain.

Santillana Zoo of the Mariposario Sea

In the Quaternary Park, set with the flora and fauna of the Altamira cave, are bears, wild boars, reindeer, horses, etc.
Tickets range from 8 euros for children up to 15 euros for adults.

A sample of what will be seen in the Zoo of Santillana del Mar.

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