Scuba diving in Castelló

A journey through Castelló not only does it imply enjoying the greatest tourist attraction in the region, the visit to the magnificent castle of Pope Luna that is seen in many of the postcards of this beach, standing out in the crowded core of the ancient city of Peñiscola.


Your trips by Castelló, offers much more adventure in the aquatic world, endless possibilities, so today we present the possibility of enjoying the underwater world of Castelló with dives in the Columbretes Islands. That they are a small and historic archipelago precisely off the coast of Azahar de Oropesa. Features for its rocky elevations up to 32 meters above sea level, being seen from Benicassim.

Scuba diving

The adventure of Scuba diving in CastellóIt is a great experience. From the moment the traveler embarks for the 56 kilometers from the coast of Castelló until reaching the islets of Grossa, Ferrera, Foradada and Carallot, which were declared a natural park of the Generalitat Valenciana for its enormous ecological value at the Mediterranean level.

The Columbretes Islands

The diving in Castelló, will allow you to enjoy peculiar underwater volcanic structures, large series of underwater volcanic craters and an extensive and beautiful flora and fauna, as well as enjoying seeing several species of birds that take refuge between the holes and craters of these works of nature.

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