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Senegal tourism

Do Senegal tourism It is characterized by the good spirit of its people and the mystery of African exoticism. Here some of the places that can not be missing in your Senegalese destination:

Gorée Island: If it’s natural travel, Gorée Island is a necessary destination. It is only 20 minutes from Dakar. Its history is unfortunate because it collects the destinies of millions of slaves for a very long time. A lot of history collected in this space of land. Don’t forget about visit the museums located in the different stores of the island, especially “The house of slaves” with cells that one can visit.

Senegal tourism

Dakar: The Senegal’s capital, has a lot of historical markets and space that one can visit. Nightlife vibrates especially at night through the streets near the beach.


The Pink lake: Whose correct name is that of Retba Lake, a peculiar natural wonder of pinkish color due to its content of salt, algae and microorganisms. The most interesting thing about the effect of these substances is that if one is thrown into the sea, one would never drown, since the salt of the water only makes us float. Many lodges for tourists One can find in the area.

Le Niokolo Koba National Park: About 6000 kilometers separate it from Dakar, its space full of vegetation and wildlife is best visited during the months of April and May. Senegal has 6 natural parks, of which this is the largest and most important. In 1981, it was considered as World Heritage Site in 1981

Senegal River

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