Shopping centers in Madrid

Madrid stands out in Europe for its abundance and variety of shopping centers. Not only do they offer exclusive, national or international brand stores; The offer also has leisure centers where there are shops as well as cinemas, discos, restaurants, bowling alleys and sports facilities.

Las Rozas Village shopping centers

The malls They seem to be one of the preferred options for spending free time. Therefore, each new shopping center that is built in a certain area, tries to be bigger or spectacular than the previous ones. Many stand out for their architecture and beauty, others for their large dimensions, or for the exclusivity of their premises. Some also stand out for their originality.

shopping centers Plaza Norte 2

There is even one where you can ski.
Among the most important are the ABC Serrano Shopping Center, Las Rozas Village, Madrid Xanadú, Fuencarral Market, Plaza Norte 2 and the Príncipe Pío Shopping Center.

shopping centers Fuencarral market

Interior of the Fuencarral Market.

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