Shopping centers in Malaga

A major Malaga shopping centers is he Malaga Plaza, a place where the visitor can escape the rhythm of the city. Unlike other shopping centers, it is a relaxing construction, with its natural lighting and a waterfall. It offers entertainment for all ages and a variety of stores.


There is also the Puerto Marina Shopping, which offers different services and leisure for the family, as well as fashion and accessories. Here you can see a unique architectural beauty. In this C.C. there is a mix between shopping and entertainment by the sea, which satisfies the consumption needs of the surroundings of Benalmadena.

Malaga Plaza

Another important place is the La Verónica Shopping Center, a space of almost 50 thousand square meters, where a commercial gallery, a leisure and restoration area, the Eroski hypermarket and a three-story garage. This C.C. It has eight cinemas with the latest technology.

Malaga shopping center

Highlights the La Trocha Shopping Center It offers the latest fashion and home. It is one of the most complete because it has restaurants, seven cinemas and a bowling alley. It is characterized by its wonderful view of the region from the terraces. It has about 23 thousand square meters of green areas, with 150 trees and 3 thousand different plant species.

Presentation of a debaile group at the Bahía Shopping Center.

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