Shopping centers in Paris

In Paris There are kilometers of commercial galleries to travel. Its large centers are distributed throughout all the neighborhoods of the city, with bright and tempting shop windows. Each one has its own style, be it the latest technology or rural, and they offer varied services.

Shopping centers in Paris

Paris is the paradise of fashion. If the visitor cannot attend one of the catwalks, he can see and buy the creations of the most famous and exclusive in the high fashion stores in the Rue du Faubourg – Saint-Honoré, Avenue Montaigne or Avenue François-Ier . You can also appreciate the creations of young Parisian designers in the Marais neighborhood. And where you can not miss are the great galleries Lafayette and Printemps.

Shopping centers in Paris clothes

One of the oldest and liveliest neighborhoods is Les Halles, where the largest wholesale food market in the entire city remained, it was a complex with steel pavilions that received millions of customers. Afterwards, the market was moved to Rungis and the neighborhood of Les Halles had to regain life in another way: building The Forum, a large shopping mall. Made in glass, The Forum is one of the most important centers, illuminated with natural light, where there are hundreds of commercial stores of all kinds. It even has a subway station.

Shopping centers in Paris shopping

Getting to know a shopping center in Paris.

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