Shopping centers in Valencia

The offer of shopping centers in Valencia it is very varied. They range from markets to large centers.

One of them is the Fuencarral Market. You don’t have much time in Valencia, but it is a good alternative leisure option. It has stores such as Adidas, Puma and Pepe Jeans, Divina Providencia or Kchalot.

Shopping centers in Valencia Fuencarral Market

But if you are looking for exclusivity find the latest in Gucci, Dior, D&G at Trenddy or Double AA stores. It also offers movie theaters and various meeting points to have something like the Sofa Club or Laydown, accompanied by a DJ. They also highlight their video game stores and others like Opera Prima. Workshops and exhibitions are held daily. Parking is free for the first two hours.

Shopping centers in Valencia Nuevo Centro

It is also one of the three largest commercial parks in Europe, Bonaire, whose size equals one hundred soccer fields. It is totally different from the other shopping centers. It offers a variety of unique stores and establishments of Valencia. It is even said that “If it is not in Bonaire, it is not”.

Shopping centers in Valencia seen from the Expo Hotel

One of the first shopping centers that Valencia had is the Nuevo Centro Shopping Center, located on Pius XII Avenue. It is one of the most complete. Two buildings stand out in the center of the complex: The English Court and the Musical Pyramid. It also offers hosting service, such as the three-star hotel Expo Hotel Valencia. It has sports stores, food, fashion, even bookstores. Various activities such as exhibitions and events are carried out on its esplanade.

Performance of the Kalipsho’s Art group at the Fuencarral Market in Valencia.

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