Shopping in Paris

In Paris There are many places to shop, but it is always necessary to inform yourself before the specific areas where you can find the good from the cheapest or the most expensive.

shopping in Paris

Montaigne Avenue. Here you will find all kinds of clothes, but only from prestigious brands such as Dior, YSL, Channel, among others. Tourists who pass through this avenue, you can just look or maybe even dare to buy something they like.

shopping in Paris admiring counters

Flea Market. Those who want to know it, only open from Saturday to Monday, and has an extensive number of posts, which fill a space of 7 hectares. It is located on the outskirts of Rue Faubourg Saint-Honore.

shopping in Paris flea market

Paris stores.

The Samaritaine It is on Calle de la Monnaie 19. Its extension is 4 buildings, where you can only get branded clothes.
Franck & Fils. It is in the Calle de Passy 80. Its garments are within the group of the most expensive, but of first quality.
Madelios In this shop you will only find clothes for men. It is located on the Boulevard de la Madeleine.

shopping in Paris stores

Lafayette Galleries. It is located at 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 9th Arrondissement. It is one of the most perfect places to buy or also for a walk. Inside, in addition to the large number of clothing stores, footwear, jewelry, bakeries, restaurants, tasting counters, among other things, it has an admirable dome.

A sample of the interior of the Paris Lafayette Gallery.

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