Shopping Trips

Who doesn’t remember the famous Pretty Woman scene where Julia Roberts goes shopping in the best stores in Los Angeles. Now doing that for fashion capitals is possible. There are already companies in Spain dedicated to organizing trips where accompanied by a personal shopper help you buy in the best stores in the city.
There are trips and prices for all tastes, from 180 euros to 750 in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​there are also options to travel to London, Paris, Milan and New York, and even in some cases they make an itinerary in the city that you choose

Madrid store

For example BCNStyle offers routes around the city of Barcelona with luxury cars (Mercedes, Audi ..) for four hours always accompanied by a personal shopper who advises you.
On the other hand Shopin goes beyond shopping and offers a full day package a small lunch in a trendy place, lunch and dinner in a trendy restaurant, relaxing in a spa with massage and thermal circuit, gallery route art and antique dealers with experts and to end the day after dinner drinks through the most marching sites.

Audi A8Another store

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